Production Operator Wells Oil & Gas Jobs

Position: Production Operator -Wells
Industry: Oil & Gas
Department: Production Offshore
Industry: Oil & Gas
Job rotation: 28/28

Experience :

  1. 3-5 years experience in the oil & gas process industry with knowledge and experience in the use of modern process control and production systems, preferably in an offshore environment
  2. Well completion, process flow, and safety system
  3. Gas lift valves and their operating procedures
  4. Operation of pumps, turbines, compressors, power generator and well equipment
  5. Drilling, workover, well intervention operations
  6. Chemical treatment of pipelines
  7. Pigging
  8. Wells, down-hole equipment, and gas lift operation
  9. Fluid separation and well testing. Also good experience in understanding of pneumatic and electronic level/pressure/flow instruments
  10. Good ability to interpret process flow, safety system, and well completion schematics
  11. Well testing and water cut analyzing. Knowledge of basic flow measurement calculations and measurement equipment

Educational Qualifications :
Completion of secondary education with a minimum of 2 years on the job training in operations and or maintenance. (Graduate or Diploma holders in chemistry, Electrical or mechanical engineering are preferable)

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